I've learnt nothing, and have nothing to say, but I fuckin love wanting to, so I'll keep strechting

Understanding Jamaican Patois (An introduction to Afro-Jamaican Grammar) - A guidebook written by L. Emilie Adams

Right... I flew to Jamaica and thought that the vibe over there was good, better than good, great. I ate breadfruit, listentened to rasta tunes and endured the workload that I was there to workout ( filming this program for Swedish TV). I also picked-up some of the language, I reckon it's great fun so why not learn some?

- Wa gwan?                                                                ( whats going on/ wts up?)
- Wa gwan man, me good!                                       ( Wts up, I'm good)

- Yu irie?                                                                      ( You ok, all good?)

- Yu deh pon haad wuk, eeh bwai?                        ( You're really working hard, eh boy?)
- No man

- Tell mi di trut!                                                                 
(Tell me the truth)
- Fi wa? A wa dat good fa?                                             (What for, what good does it do?)

- Forward, wi gaa a tung                                                  ( Come, let's go to town)
- Di time hot´                                                                       (The weather is hot)

-A summatime noh                                                             (It's summertime now)
- Dat man deh bad no ras!                                                  (That man is damn bad!)

- Ku ya! Hoh yu fayva buguyaga to ras!                          ( Look here! You look like a damn tramp!)
- Mek i tan till a maanin, no bada hackle yuself!          (Let it wait till morning, don't worry youself!) 

- Di cucumba dem o fit eenai moon.                            ( The cucumbers will be fullgrown by the full moon.)

Postat av: Anonym

ahaha "the cucumbers will be fullgrown by the fullmoon".. thats a good one! no but serious, bloody brill bbz! i love it.

2009-08-14 @ 23:33:19
Postat av: Ida

and it was me, Ida, who wrote that...

2009-08-14 @ 23:33:42
Postat av: enyabäbis

Wagya go swimin?

2009-08-15 @ 21:24:28
Postat av: Anonym


2010-11-01 @ 21:20:46

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