"The English weather makes me want to paint" - Paul Simonon

An extract from Passion is a fashion, the real story of The Clash by Pat Gilbert, 

         PART ONE 

   Occasionally, he managed to escape his father's shackles and hang out with his schoolfriends. They'd wander about Tavistock Road and Westbourne Grove, checking out blue parties where reggae music and marijuana mingled pungentley. Paul became part of the local weave, intoxicated by its energy and excitement: the late-nights crowds on the pavement, the gangs clustered around their beat-up motors, the tall, elegant houses and weeds taking root in their sooty, peeling facades, the sound of reggae and dub blaring out of their open windows."I'd walk past all these houses with West Indian music playing late at night, and get pulled into parties when I should have been going home. Most of the kids I hung out with were black - I got to the point where I only spoke patois with my mates."




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