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Life in Brighton, ahhhh... How can I begin to explain?

Firstly I'd like to share something I read somewhere; " Never get too comfortable..."

For about a month now, I've slept on an alcoholic couple's floor, I cough like a madman since they smoke inside and their hamster (called Paddington) shits and pisses in his cage contributing to the strange stench that fills the place. Anyway I sleep there for free so theres no real problem, and ive got keys to the place. 

Here's what I do most days; Wake up and hit the streets bringing whatever book im reading, to then have a cup of coffee whilst reading and smoking. I do that for about an hour, I then walk down to the seaside to continue my reading, when I've had enough of the book I fuck off to the library to listen to music on the computer. Like now for e.g I'm listning to Boards of Canada - Rue the Whirl, and I get my daily dosage of The Clash.
Later I meet up with my mate Michael, we go for job hunting and rumage in music stores. We eat. Feel sick. And continue to walk about... In the evenings we meet up with other folks for beer and jamming. 

There is a great deal of live music here in Brighton, good shit aswell! I've met a lot of musicians whom play at art gallerys and stuff and most of the gigs tend to be free which is brilliant. 

Now I'm off to see Michael and our friend Tom. Tom has very green hands and enjoys to work as a gardener, he plays the clarinette and smokes a lot of ganja, today is jamming day and I'm gonna have a go at the bass guitarr. 


Postat av: Ida

sounds like youre living life the way you been wanting to for awhile, which makes me happy, even though i miss you... hope to see you in england this week!

2009-11-02 @ 23:36:22
Postat av: Bianca

heeey bebi!

seems like you're doing well though! apart from the stench it all seems very interesting makes me wanna take the leap and just move abroad too.

miss you!!! <3

2009-11-20 @ 13:38:19
URL: http://www.thethoughtsofbianca.blogspot.com

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