An alarming sound wakes me up, it is the alarm clock. It is early morning at five o'clock and the bed is unusually warm. I dress, all at once quickly for that might wake me up further. I’m shivering slightly whilst I say goodbye to the endearing dreamer.  The lampposts are tall and mighty, I detect traces of seagulls and realize there are a few on the road trotting tiredly from bin to bin. I wait for the bus, being the first bus on the timetable. How early it is! My pale music player is plugged into each ear and it plays the same songs it did 3 years ago when I got it.  My eyes sting, the smoke must have whirled into them, I put it out once I spot the big, red, rattling vehicle that is going take me elsewhere. Alas I’m onboard and I paid the fair of £ 1.80. Old toads and sleeping students embellish the dull interior, I rest my head and the journey is quick, pain free.

Once on Tidy Street I can see the station, it is my goal. The station windows are glowing invitingly but I don’t care. It is now almost 6 o’clock and I will begin to serve in the sales industry, good morning sir/madam.



Oh and also;


Postat av: J

Bra skrivet, märks att du läst TS Eliot. Farsan har en uppstoppad räv i vardagsrummet, firade hans födelsedag idag med morsan. Hon hälsar.

2010-10-31 @ 20:11:17

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